The demand for high quality, accessible, mental health services has never been higher.  We recognized a tremendous need to improve our operational and financial efficiency to meet this demand and we turned to the Gerald T. and Inez Grant Parker Foundation for help.  In February 2023 we were awarded a generous $25,000 grant.

About the Parker Foundation

The Parker Foundation has the distinction of being one of San Diego’s most generous grantors. With grants totaling more than $61 million, it has been an essential part of building and sustaining the region’s non-profit community.

Outcomes Achieved

We are thrilled to report that our two-part strategy has been achieved:

PFCS now has therapists credentialed on 9 insurance panels, with 1 in progress. 

  1. United Healthcare
  2. Medi-Care
  3. Optum (Medi-Cal)
  4. Molina (Medi-Cal: single case agreements)
  5. Kaiser Permanente (Medi-Cal: single case agreements)
  6. Neighborhood Healthcare
  7. Tricare West
  8. Aetna
  9. Blue Shield of California
  10. Cigna (In progress)

PFCS has enhanced our capacity to respond to cyber security threats and have established the systems, protections, policies and procedures and staff training necessary for HIPAA compliance.

  • We have upgraded equipment and have contracted with Empowered IT solutions for managed IT and cyber security.
  • Over 80 staff have received security training.
  • 143 PFCS work stations are now monitored and protected against cyber attacks.
  • We completed a comprehensive HIPAA Compliance and vulnerability assessment and established the policies and procedures needed to protect client data.


As stated on their website, San Diego is fortunate in many ways – its temperate climate, beautiful geography, and outdoor areas for recreation. It has also been fortunate enough to benefit from the vision of Gerald T. & Inez Grant Parker.

We are grateful to the Board of Directors of the Parker Foundation for their support.  and their recognition that mental health is critical to overall health and wellbeing.


To learn more about the Parker Foundation visit: