When parents are unable to raise their children, it is often grandparents who step in. Grandfamilies thrive when they get the support they need. Grandparents Raising Grandchildren is a comprehensive service that fosters healthy grandparents and a strong and stable family.  We are grateful to the support of the Fallbrook Regional Health District for sponsoring this program for the last 4 years.  As the program comes to a close, we are confident that we have achieved our objectives of creating a community of support in the Fallbrook area for grandparents raising their grandchildren. Grandfamilies have been connected to the Community Resource Navigator at the Community Wellness Center and will continue to have great support!  We look forward to offering wellness groups to support this valiant group of people.  Special thanks to the Legacy Endowment for their additional support of our wellness workshops.


From our Project Coordinator, Graciela Moreno:

From the beginning of the Grandparents Raising Grandchildren (GRG) program in July of 2020, our mission was to reach out to the community and provide resources and supports to grandparents raising grandchildren. We connected to many places such as, schools, churches, senior centers, , super markets, bakeries and other community service agencies.

The grandparents we served are well prepared to take on different challenges with their grandchildren and have forged an informal support network.  A grandmother raising four grandchildren from a toddler to teenager connected with other grandmothers at a GRG workshop and is finding support from other grandparents.

Grandparents shared the most intimate family problems they are facing and found a place support free of judgement, offering comfort, support, and solutions to problems.

Grandparents can be viewed in three different groups:

  1. High need. Grandparents who recently became legal guardians to their grandchildren. They are overwhelmed and unaware of resources – for themselves or their grandchildren.
  2. Intermediate need. Grandparents who have been raising their grandchildren for few years. They are burned out and their grandchildren’s trauma seems more apparent.
  3. Low need. Grandparents that need ongoing social support, the opportunity to keep in touch with other grandparents.

Connections to community resources was a significant component of the services provided.  Critical connections were made to address  legal issues, food insecurity, rental assistance, financial assistance, social security, physical and mental health, education, and more.

Grandparents have been empowered to access services, find a support system, maintain a positive outlook, take action-getting help, set limits, learn how to protect themselves, and engage in self-care.

Photos from our final wellness workshop: Women’s Empowerment