Despite growing awareness and acceptance of mental health issues, there is still a significant amount of stigma surrounding seeking help for these issues. Many people feel ashamed or embarrassed to admit that they are struggling with their mental health, which can prevent them from getting the help they need. In this blog post, we’ll explore the importance of overcoming this stigma and seeking help for mental health issues.

Mental health issues are a common and treatable condition. Seeking help for these issues is a sign of strength and courage, not weakness. However, the stigma surrounding mental health issues can make it difficult for people to seek help. This stigma can be perpetuated by media portrayals of mental illness, negative stereotypes, and a lack of understanding about these conditions.

PFCS LIcensed Clinical Social Work and Clinical Supervisor Patti Christensen shared this perceptive: “We don’t criticize someone who is diabetic or has cancer who are seeing a doctor and getting treatment.  It should be the same if someone has depression or anxiety and decide to see a therapist.”  She emphasized:  “Mental health treatment is health care.”

To overcome this stigma, it’s important to start the conversation about mental health and educate others about the realities of these conditions. Seeking help for mental health issues should be seen as a normal and healthy response to a difficult situation, rather than something to be ashamed of. Mental health professionals are trained to provide support and treatment for a range of mental health issues, and seeking their help can be a powerful step toward recovery and healing.

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