We are excited to launch a new service to treat trauma, grief, sadness, anxiety, loss, relationship issues, addiction and so much more. Turnout, based on the Eagala model, an innovative approach that provides an alternative option for treatment with no need for talk therapy.

A credentialed therapist, an equine specialist, horses and clients work together in the corral to discover positive change. No riding is involved.

Turnout is an outdoor experience offering emotional breakthroughs. It appeals to anyone who seeks to resolve issues without traditional therapy. Turnout clients are successful in improving reactions to life struggles through self-discovery of hope and strengths.

Turnout sessions are typically 45 minutes each and can be done individually or in small groups. To learn more email Sharon Kruvi, LMFT, [email protected].

More information: https://youtu.be/5F3Cy0JXKhk